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In Memoriam: Colia Liddel Lafayette Clark

Colia Liddel Lafayette Clark 1940-2022 Clark was born in 1940 in Hinds County, Mississippi. She was a student at Tougaloo College when she became involved with...

In Memoriam: Sandra Casey Hayden

Sandra Casey Hayden 1937-2023 SNCC Veteran and Freedom Rider Sandra Casey Hayden died January 4, 2023 at her home in Arizona, age 86. Born in Texas...

In Memoriam: Staughton Lynd

Staughton Lynd 1930-2022 Staughton Lynd, historian, activist, Friend of SNCC and labor lawyer, died November 17, 2022 at age 92. As a young professor at Spelman...

In Memoriam: Tina Smith

Tina Smith 1942-2022 The SNCC Legacy Project is sad to announce the passing of SNCC veteran Tina Smith. Tina was the manager of the DC SNCC...

In Memoriam: Myrtle Glascoe

Myrtle Glascoe 1936-2019 Myrtle Glascoe was born in 1936 in Washington, DC.  She received her B.A. degree from Howard University, and completed her PhD at Harvard...