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Joyce Ladner Remembers the March on Washington

What I remember most is standing on the podium looking out at the 250,000 people. It was a sight to behold.

Larry Rubin Remembers the March on Washington

We arrived at the March and saw up and down the Reflecting Pool people everywhere. We quickly understood it was the largest march ever!

Frank Smith Remembers the March on Washington

I came to Washington fresh from Greenwood, where I had been arrested once again in June along with Bob Moses, Lawrence Guyot, and others for trying to help local people exercise their Constitutional right to vote.

Dorothy Zellner Remembers the March on Washington

What struck me most was not only the overwhelming peacefulness of the event but the extreme dignity and "upstandingness," if there is such a word, of the hundreds of thousands of mostly Black people who were there.

Charlie Cobb Remembers the March on Washington

As many observe the anniversary of the 1963 march, there has been a great deal of celebration of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream and of black and white feet dangling together in the reflecting pool, while the violent climate below the Mason-Dixon line has largely been forgotten.