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In Memoriam: Walter “Billy” Stafford

Walter "Billy" Stafford 1940-2008 Billy Stafford was born in 1940 in Atlanta. After graduating from Tuskegee College and doing graduate work in Sociology at Atlanta University,...

In Memoriam: Stanley Wise

Stanley Wise 1942-1996 Stanley Wise, born in Charlotte, NC in 1942, became active with the Nonviolent Action Group, the SNCC affiliate, while a student at Howard...

In Memoriam: Samuel Leamon Younge Jr.

Samuel Leamon Younge Jr. 1944-1966 Samuel Leamon Younge Jr. was a civil rights and voting rights activist who was murdered for trying to desegregate a...

In Memoriam: Sam Shirah

Sam Shirah 1943 - 1980 Sam Curtis Shirah was born in 1943 in Troy, Alabama, where his father was a Methodist minister. While at Birmingham Southern...

In Memoriam: Sam Block

Sam Block 1939-2000 Sam Block was born in Cleveland, MS. After high school he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. In 1961 Sam heard about...