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Joyce Ladner Remembers the March on Washington

What I remember most is standing on the podium looking out at the 250,000 people. It was a sight to behold.

Larry Rubin Remembers the March on Washington

We arrived at the March and saw up and down the Reflecting Pool people everywhere. We quickly understood it was the largest march ever!

Frank Smith Remembers the March on Washington

I came to Washington fresh from Greenwood, where I had been arrested once again in June along with Bob Moses, Lawrence Guyot, and others for trying to help local people exercise their Constitutional right to vote.

Dorothy Zellner Remembers the March on Washington

What struck me most was not only the overwhelming peacefulness of the event but the extreme dignity and "upstandingness," if there is such a word, of the hundreds of thousands of mostly Black people who were there.

Charlie Cobb Remembers the March on Washington

As many observe the anniversary of the 1963 march, there has been a great deal of celebration of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream and of black and white feet dangling together in the reflecting pool, while the violent climate below the Mason-Dixon line has largely been forgotten.

Courtland Cox Remembers the March on Washington

My involvement with the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (MOW) began some 10 weeks before the August 28 gathering.

Dorie Ladner Remembers the March on Washington

For me, as a daughter of Mississippi, the March helped to stir my thoughts about where the rest of my life was headed.

Cleveland Sellers Remembers the March on Washington

I decided to volunteer for the March and was assigned to the headquarters tent on the grounds of the Washington Monument, where the buses would park and let out their passengers.

Doug Harris Remembers the March on Washington

In the summer of 1963 my Hofstra College roommate, Roger Sencer, drove me to the Atlanta Georgia SNCC headquarters, for my new life as an SNCC volunteer.

Member of the Tennessee 3, Justin J Pearson Wins Seat! This second victory is a testament to People Power

People Power wins and this is but one of many more victories to come as we continue to work together for justice.

Bruce Hartford Remembers the March on Washington

Today, history knows how the march turned out, but as we rolled south that night we had no clue what we were headed into.

Teaching in Dangerous Times: Lessons from SNCC

Register for the Teach the Black Freedom Struggle presented by the Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History.

Riding the ”Freedom Train” to the March on Washington

SNCC Veteran Karen Edmonds Spellman recounts her summer of 1963 experience as a volunteer with the New Haven, CT. March on Washington, a coalition of churches, students, and NAACP members set up to recruit people to attend the March on Washington.

In commemoration of the March On Washington – Reflecting on 60 Years

Today in the 21st Century, when mass marches in the nation’s capitol are commonplace, it is hard to imagine how radical Randolph’s threat of 100,000 Black protesters descending on Washington seemed to the political establishment.

“The fascists can’t stop us!” — Judy Richardson at Teach Truth Rally

In her remarks at the Teach Truth Day of Action in Washington, DC, SNCC veteran Judy Richardson explains why she chose Hands on the Freedom Plow to donate to the “contraband book drive.”

John Lewis: March on Washington for Jobs & Freedom

Original draft of SNCC’s March on Washington Speech. Delivered by SNCC’s Chairman, John Lewis, on August 28, 1963.

On the passing of Harry Belafonte

We who are veterans of SNCC are profoundly pained by the passing of Harry Belafonte. It is Harry Belafonte, the fighter for human and civil rights, that we remember.

Legendary photographer Kwame Brathwaite of ‘Black is Beautiful’ has passed away at age 85

The pioneering activist and trailblazing photographer whose work helped propagate the “Black is Beautiful” movement of the 1960s, was born on January 1, 1938, to immigrants from Barbados who lived in Brooklyn, New York.

SNCC and the Black Arts Movement

Focusing on artistic endeavor, Moderator A.B. Spellman describes this session’s theme as "Where we came from, where we went, where we are and where we might go."

SNCC 60th Anniversary – Policing and Changing The Mission of The Criminal Justice System

What some see as a solution, others see as a problem. This paradox is at the heart of many issues related to policing, community safety & criminal justice.

SNCC 50th Anniversary – Keynote Luncheon Speech by Reverend James Lawson

SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference Volume 6 - Luncheon Keynote: Rev. James Lawson, "We Have Not Yet Arrived"

SNCC 40th Anniversary – Prayer Service

Prayer service and remembrances of the first meeting organizing the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. A conversation with Chuck McDew, James Lawson and Ivanhoe Donaldson.

The Night Willie Peacock Preached Us (1965)

Willie Peacock preached us a history lesson beginning at the ice age and then questioned his students...

Dear Representative; We Support You!

We, veterans of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), send our support and appreciation for your determined efforts to stand up for the rights of the people of Tennessee.

In Memoriam: Ruth Buffington Hansen

Ruth Buffington Hansen 1943 - 2009 Ruth Buffington was a high...

In Memoriam: Philip Davis

Philip Davis 1939-1970 Philip C. Davis was born and raised...

In Memoriam: Len Holt

Len Holt 1928 - 2016 Born in 1928 in Tuscumbia, Alabama,...

In Memoriam: Paul Brooks

Paul Brooks 1939-1989 Paul E. Brooks was born in 1939 in...

In Memoriam: Scott B. Smith, Jr.

Scott B. Smith, Jr. Born in 1934 in Chicago, Scott...

In Memoriam: Rafael Bentham

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In Memoriam: Randy Battle

Randy Battle 1941-2009 Randy Battle was born and raised in Albany,...

In Memoriam: Howard Himmelbaum

Howard Himmelbaum 1940-2012 Howard Himmelbaum was born in 1940 in Brooklyn,...

In Memoriam: Robert “Bob” Cableton

Robert "Bob" Cableton 1938-2007 Bob Cableton, born in 1938 in Arkansas...

In Memoriam: Benjamin S. Grinage

Benjamin S. Grinage 1932-1987 Born in Kentucky and raised in Ohio,...

The Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project Wins Award!

SNCC Legacy Project ally the Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project Awarded Mellon Foundation Grant

‘Lowndes County and the Road to Black Power’ Review: A Movement That Changed America

We are engaging in a battle for our freedom. Everything we have achieved over the last 60 years is now up for a vote tomorrow.

Congressman John Lewis: “Stand Up and Make Some Noise”

SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference Volume 28 - Luncheon Keynote: Congressman...

In Memoriam: William “Bill” Ware

William "Bill" Ware Bill Ware was born in Natchez, MS...

In Memoriam: Robert Weil

Robert Weil 1940-2014 Robert Weil was born in Evanston, IL in...

In Memoriam: John W. Perdew

John W. Perdew 1941-2014 Born in Denver, John Perdew dropped out...

In Memoriam: Frank Holloway

Frank Holloway 1939-2018 Frank Holloway, born and raised in Atlanta, GA,...

In Memoriam: Amanda Bowens Perdew

Amanda Bowens Perdew 1945-2006 Amanda Bowens, who grew up in Americus,...

In Memoriam: Jane Stembridge

Jane Stembridge 1936-2021 Born in Georgia, Jane Stembridge was SNCC's first...

In Memoriam: Hunter Morey

Hunter Morey 1940-1999 Born in Illinois, Hunter Morey was a civil...

In Memoriam: Carl Imiola Young

Carl Imiola Young 1942 - 2008 Born in Honolulu, Hawaii in...

In Memoriam: Hilda Wilson

Hilda Wilson 1910-1975 Hilda C. Wilson was born in Jacksonville, Florida...

In Memoriam: Charles Scattergood

Charles Scattergood 1942-1999 Charles E. Scattergood was born in Boothbay Harbor,...

In Memoriam: Lucille Perlman

Lucille Perlman As remembered by Bill Perlman January 15, 2016 Sadly, my...

In Memoriam: Lorne Cress Love

Lorne Cress Love 1934-2023 Born Lorne Katharine Cress in Chicago in...

The White Supremacist Attack on Education

The central elements of the education policy that Florida’s...

This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed

Charles Cobb talks about his book, This Nonviolent Stuff’ll...

SNCC 60th Anniversary – The Path Forward

Racial divisions present a stark reality and in the...

SNCC 50th Anniversary – Vol. 05 – The Raleigh Civil Rights Movement

SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference Volume 5 - The Raleigh Civil...

In Memoriam: Sheila K. Michaels

Sheila K. Michaels 1939-2017 Born and raised in St.. Louis, in 1959...

In Memoriam: Salynn McCollum

Salynn McCollum 1940-2014 Born in 1940 in Oklahoma. While a college...

In Memoriam: Larry Mamiya

Larry Mamiya 1942-2019 SNCC Veteran Lawrence Hiroshi Mamiya, 76, Professor Emeritus...

In Memoriam: June E. Johnson

June E. Johnson 1947-2007 June E. Johnson was born in Greenwood,...

In Memoriam: Gwendolyn Greene Britt

Gwendolyn Greene Britt 1941-2008 Gwendolyn Greene was born and raised in...

In Memoriam: Donald Jelinek

Donald Jelinek 1934-2016 Donald Jelinek was a lawyer who defended civil...