SNCC Reports

Letter & Report Collections from Specific Areas & Projects


CORE/COFO. 1964-65


Summer 1964


SNCC. 65

CORE. 1964-65

SNCC/SCLC. 1963-65

SCLC. 65


7/55Rosa Parks, NAACPWorkshop Notes ~ Highlander Center
3/56Fred HalsteadImpressions of the Montgomery Bus Boycott
6/4/56Mobile, NAACPLetter to Thurgood Marshall re Attack on NACCP
10/56T.R.M. Howard, RCNLLetter to Lyman Beecher Stowe (MS)
12/17/57Daisy Bates, NAACPLetter to Roy Wilkins re Little Rock Nine
6/25/59Bayard RustinReport on the Youth March for Integrated Schools, (DC)
7/59Ella Baker, SCLCMemo to SCLC Leadership
1960Everette & JacksonThe Hampton Sit-Ins and Southern Society (VA)
2/60UnsignedMontgomery Students Sit In Story (AL)
6/60Bishop College studentsThe Marshall Sit-Ins, April (TX)
7/61Virginia DurrLetter re Freedom Riders in Montgomery
FallJoan TraumpauerThe Plantation and the Oasis (re Tougaloo)(MS)
1961Joan BrowningAlbany Freedom Ride Letters and Chronology (GA)
12/61Student activistsReport on sit in, Crisfield MD
1/62Watkins & Hayes, SNCCReport from Hollis Watkins and Curtis Hayes (MS)
1/15/62Robinson/Hansen, CIGField Reports: Cambridge MD.
1/20/62Robinson/Hansen, CIGField Reports: Cambridge MD.
1/25/62Robinson/Hansen, CIGField Reports: Cambridge MD.
2/62Paul Brooks, SNCCRecent Progress of the Jackson Nonviolent Movement
3/18/62James LaueLetter from Harvard student to Diane and James Bevel re thesis interview, (MS)
3/62Tom RoseLetter to James Laue re information for a book on Negro students, (MS)
5/62Ella Baker, SNCCLetter to Web Owens (McComb, MS)
5/2/62Jean Young, SNCC
5/25/62Dave Dennis, COREReport re Freedom Rides, (Shreveport, LA)
6/6/62Bobby Talbert, SNCCNote to Diane Bevel re protest arrest on post office steps (federal property), (MS)
6/21/62Benita Packer, SCLCLetter to James Bevel re undelivered books for citizenshp program. (MS)
9/26/62Colia Liddell, NAACPLetter to Bob Moses re political situation and voter registration assist in Laurel MS
9/29/62Unsigned, SNCCA Report Student Nonviolent Activities in Southern Illinois (IL)
10/29/62Unsigned, SNCC
11/6/62Frank Holloway, SNCCLetter to Jim, (Gadsden AL)
11/21/62Charles Butts, MFPLetter re overdue payment on account, (MS)
12/62Bob Moses, SNCC/COFOLetter to Martha Prescod re Hunger in MS
12/8/62Penny Patch, SNCCLetter to Wiley Branton of VEP About Albany GA
12/8/62Frank Smith, SNCCReport on Work in Marshall County (MS
1/63Sam Block, SNCCLetter to Jim [Forman?], from Greenwood MS.
1/1/63Chris BagdikianLetter to Bob Moses for college application, (MS)
1/9/63Anne Braden, SCEFLetter to Diane Nash Bevel re tribute to the Bevel family (MS)
1/13/63Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie Moore re voting rights retaliation, NAACP (MS)
1/17/63Diane Nash, SNCCLetter to Betsy re baby and financial support for her SNCC work, (MS)
1/19/63Cunninghams, NAACPDear Mr. Moore (re: Clothing), (Mississippi)
1/21/63Bob Moses, SNCCReport on Mississippi Project for 1962
1/31/63Bob Moses, SNCCLetter to Northern Supporters (MS)
1963VariousSNCC Field Reports (From, SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference)
1/31/63Amzie Moore, NAACPLetter to Operation Freedom re Suphronia Conway (MS)
2/63Jack McArt, OFCNotes on the Delta Area of Mississippi
2/2/63Maurice McCrackin, OFCReply to Suphronia Conway letter (MS)
2/8/63Maurice McCrackin, OFCDear Mr. Moore (re: Conway) (Mississippi)
2/8/63David Dennis, CORELetter to Amzie Moore re emergency food donations (MS)
2/8/63David Dennis, COREDear Mr. Moore (Re: food shipment) (MS)
2/15/63Bobby TalbertTo Amzie Moore re woman forced from home. (MS)
2/15/63UnsignedAppeal letter to Amzie Moore (Greenwood MS)
2/63Peter Stoner, TougalooLetter Amzie Moore & Jim Bevel re funding for project. (MS)
1963Bob {Illegible}, SNCCDear Judy: (Letter from Greenwood, MS)
3/63David Dennis, CORESelected Sections Field Report (MS)
3/12/63Jim Dombrowski, SCEFLetter to Amzie Moore re financial matters (MS)
3/25/63Harvey Richards, filmmakerLetter to Amzie Moore re interview tapes (MS)
3/28/63Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie Moore re re voting rights retaliation (MS)
3/30/63Bobby Talbert, SNCCDaily reports (possibly from Greenwood MS)
4/1/63Amzie Moore, NAACPLetter to OFC re funds (MS)
4/3/63James Gilliam (Masons)Letter to Amzie Moore re: expenses & etc. (MS)
4/11/63Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie MooreNAACP re voting rights retaliation (MS)
4/12/63Marion Palfi, SNCCLetter to Bob Moses re FBI request for evidence, (MS)
1963Wazir Peacock, SNCCNote to unidentified, SNCC member (reThe Mailman's March?)
1963?Judy Walborn, SNCC?
1963Louis NasperDanville, VA (Police violence)
1963Eric RaineyGadsden, AL (The Gadsden Movement)
1963Dennis RobertsJournal (Southwest Georgia)
5/5/63Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie Moore re voting rights retaliation
5/7/63Sylvester WilliamsApologies for missed visit, (MS)
5/22/63Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie Moore re voting rights retaliation
5/27/63Frank Smith, SNCCIntimidation, (MS)
5/29/63Carl Braden, SCEFLetter to Amzie Moore re Movement (MS)
5/63Hulda TaylorMy Participation in the Sit-ins(NC)
6/14/63Theodore Brown, ANLCALetter to Attorney General re Jackson MS
1963Bobby Talbert, SNCCDaily reports from, SNCC workers in Greenwood MS
6/19/63Jerry CunninghamLetter to Amzie Moore re voting rights retaliation (MS)
6/19/63Maurice McCrackin, OFCDear Amzie (re: Money Orders) (MS)
6/20/63Florence Randall, IndianaLetter to Amzie Moore re voting rights retaliation (MS)
6/26/63Robert Whitfield, SNCCLetter to Amzie Moore, re Pine Bluff Movement (AR)
7/63Bob Moses, SNCC/COFOLetter to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights re MS
7/3/63Martin Luther King, SCLCLetter to Jack O'Dell re his forced resignation
7/4/63Jane, SNCC
7/4/63Jane, SNCC
7/11/63Glenn Smiley, FORNote to James Bevel, re ministerial participation in March on Washington
7/11/63Glenn Smiley, FORNote to James Bevel, re ministerial participation in March on Washington
7/16/63Marion Palfi, SNCCLetter to Amzie Moore, re support work
7/19/63Miriam Glickman, SNCCLetter re trying to integrate Jewish temple (Albany, GA)
7/22/63Grace Hewell, HEW
8/4/63Jane Stembridge, SNCCLetter to Anne Braden re MS & Southern Education Center
8/4/63Jane Stembridge, SNCCLetter to Constance Curry, re literacy & Southern Education Center
8/4/63Jane Stembridge, SNCCLetter to Suzanne Freund, re literacy programs
8/5/63Jane Stembridge, SNCC
8/5/63Jane Stembridge, SNCCLetter to Tom Kahn, re Tougaloo Work Study Program
8/12/63Lucy Komisar (FP)Letter to Amzie Moore, reFree Pressarticles (MS)
9/3/63John Henrk Clarke, FWLetter to Jim and Diane Bevel re Winter issue of Freedomways
9/4/63Nannette Sachs, CORELetter to Amzie Moore, re trip to Madison WI
9/15/63Sam Shirah, SNCCField report (MS)
9/63Casey Hayden, SNCCCorrespondence with Art Waskow (IPS) May-September
9/20/63Oscar ChaseLetter to Art Waskow re Tougaloo work study program. (MS)
9/26/63Sam Shirah, SNCCField report (SC)
9/30/63Casey HaydenDear Stokely, letter re Bob Moses, Art Waskow & IPS
9/30/63Mrs. Hamer, SNCCLetter to Northern Supporters (MS)
1963Ivanhoe Donaldson, SNCCJackson Mississippi (Police harassment)
1963Courtland Cox, SNCCLetter to, SNCC About Direct Action
9/20/63Conrad Lynn, NAACPLetter to Amzie Moore, re Freedom Now Party (MS)
9/20/63Sam Block, SNCCLetter to the Kennedys re lack of justice (MS)
9/26/63Sam Shirah, SNCCField report (SC)
10/1/63Sam Shirah, SNCCField report from SC
10/4/63Sam Shirah, SNCCField report from SC
10/9/63Sam Shirah, SNCCField Report from SC
10/16/63Arthur WaskowReply to Oscar Chase re Tougaloo work study program (MS)
10/18/63Myles Horton (Highlander)Myles Horton to Bob Moses
10/18/63Arthur WaskowLetter to Mary King re police brutality affadavits
10/20/63Amzie Moore, NAACPLetter to U.S. Attorney re money owed. (MS)
10/21/63Mary KingLetter to Art Waskow re ongoing work
10/20/63Amzie Moore, NAACPLetter to Dombrowski re business permit (MS)
10/20/63Dave Dennis, CORELetter to national, CORE re Mississippi situation & plans
10/20/63Amzie Moor, NAACPLetter to Harvey Richards (MS)
10/23/63Arthur WaskowReply to Mary King re ongoing work (MS)
10/23/63Joan Bowman, COFOThe Freedom Ballot for Governor (MS),
10/30/63Sam Shirah, SNCCField Report from Ohio
1963Miriam Glickman, SNCCIntegration in the Deep South: Death Goes On
1963Bob Moses, SNCCMemo to ExComm re Mississippi Project
11/63Theresa, FoSNote about Freedom Ballot (handwritten). Undated (probably Nov 1963)
11/4/63Mary KingDear Art re: Mississippi Freedom Vote (MS)
11/7/63Dona Richards, Oscar ChaseLetter to Art Waskow re: Work-Study Project)
11/13/63Amzie Moore, NAACPLetter to Operation Freedom (MS)
11/13/63Amzie Moore, NAACPLetter to Robert Owens re FHA loan (MS)
11/14/63Amzie Moore, NAACPLetter to Carl & Anne Braden re FHA loan (MS)
11/14/63Amzie Moore, NAACPLetter to Mr. Ray re FHA loan (MS)
11/18/63Anne Braden, NAACPLetter to Norman Kurland re FHA loan (KY)
11/18/63Anne Braden, SCEFLetter to Amzie Moore re FHA loan (KY)
11/19/63Jane Stembridge, SNCCPersonal letter to Mary King
11/22/63Amzie Moore, NAACPLetter to Mr. Ray re FHA loan (MS)
11/23/63Sam Shirah, SNCCField Report from Kentucky & Florida
12/5/63Mike ThelwellLetter to Art Waskow re, SNCC
12/9/63Anne & Carl Braden, SCEFLetter to Amzie Moore re FHA loan (KY)
12/17/63Robert Williams, NAACPLetter to Slater King, (GA)
12/63Don Harris, SNCCEvaluation of, SNCC in Americus (GA)
12/17/63Jack McKartLetter to Amzie Moore re Operation Freedom
1964?Richard Haley, CORELetter to Greg Kaslo (LA)
1964Jimmie Jones, SNCCNote requesting supplies (handwritten). Undated (probably 1964)
1964Idessa Johnson, COFOLetter to Lois Chafee re pay (Clarksdale MS)
1964Tom Foner, COFOHattiesburg report (MS)
1964Richard Haley, CORELetter to Greg Kaslo (LA)
1964Sam Shirah, SNCCReport on the Gainsville Movement (FL)
1964Carl Young, COFOHolly Springs Freedom School newspaper copies (Holly Springs MS)
1964Greenvile, COFO officeMedical Situation in Issaquena County
1964Unsigned, COFOBiloxi incident report to Howard Kirshenbaum (MS)
1964Unsigned, COFOGreenville activities update (MS)
1964Unsigned, COFOUrban Places in Washington County (MS)
1964Unsigned, COFO (Greenwood)Greenwood Police Activity (MS)
1964Doris Castle, COREFreedom Ring Encircles Ticket Booth (New Orleans)
1964?Joanne Ooiman, CORE
1/64Rev. Lee Ball (MFSA)Letter re Jackson MS church segregation & civil liberties
1/15/64Charlie Cobb, SNCCReport about Tallahatchi County
1/64Mendy Samstein, SNCCLetter to Bradens re emergency food distribution,
1/19/64Ronnie Moore, COREField report, re Louisiana voter registration
1/21/64Judy Benninger, CORELetter to James McCain regarding Gainesville, FL
1/22/64Charles HartfieldLetter/report by local activist on Hattiesburg MS Freedom Day
Original (PDF) Formatted text (HTML)
1/23/64Rita Schwerner, COFOLetter to Anne Braden (MS)
1/27/64Joan (Trumpauer?), NAACPReport From the Jackson Movement (MS)
1/29/64Mendy Samstein, SNCCLetter to Bradens re emergency food situation
1/29/64Sam Shirah, SNCCField Report from Mississippi
1/30/64Davis Dennis, COFOLetter to President Lyndon Johnson, COFO
1/31/64Rick Stevens, SNCC
2/3/64Arthur Waskow (PRI)Letter to Howard Zinn re, SNCC advisory council
2/2/64Annell Ponder, SCLCLetter to Amzie Moore re voting rights retaliation money, (MS)
2/4/64Rev. CampbellLetter to Amzie Moore re voting rights retaliation (MS)
2/4/64George Raymond, CORELetter to Robert Kennedy, re police brutality
2/19/64Rev. HoustonLetter to Amzie Moore re voting rights retaliation (MS)
2/22/64Andrew Green CORE/COFOReport of Andrew Lee Green on Camden, (Madison Co. MS)
4/25/64Unsigned COREFood & clothing report, (Madison Co. MS)
4/28/64Unsigned CORE/COFOCanton Project Report 2/28 - 4/28, (Madison Co. MS)
3/2/64CORE Lousiana Task ForceLetter re employment discrimination by Olin Mathieson (LA)
3/10/64Milton McGaskeyLetter to Amzie Moore re food & clothing) (MS)
3/11/64Joan (Trumpauer?), NAACPReport From the Jackson Movement, (MS)
3/14/64Pat VailDear Family, letter re northern situation and plans to work for SNCC
Original (handwritten), Retyped
3/17/64Tom Valetine, COREField Report re Ennis, CORE (TX)
3/20/64Mendy Samstein, SNCCCongressional Campaign Workers Harassed in Ruleville Mississippi
3/21/64Kenneth Redfearn, NAACPLetter to Amzie Moore re food donations (KS)
3/31/64C.V. Adair, CCSCLetter to Amzie Moore re donations (TX)
4/1/64Alvin PounceyLetter to Amzie Moore re charity donations (MS)
4/1/64Patricia Due, COREReport on the March on Tallahassee (FL)
4/1/64R. Hunter Morey, SNCCDear Brother and Sister SNCCers (MS)
4/2/64Patricia Due, CORELetter re Big Bend Voter Education Campaign (FL)
4/5/64Robert Lamont, SNCCLetter to Amzie Moore re programs for the Summer (IL)
4/6/64Richard Haley, CORELetter to Gordon Carey re operations and problems, (LA)
4/13/64Jeffry GlatsteinLetter to Amzie Moore re food and cloting donations (MS)
4/16/64Reva BernsteinLetter to Amzie Moore re shipment of clothingMS)
4/16/64Richard Haley, COREDear Fellow, CORE Members (to New Orleans CORE)
4/19/64Douglas Sampson, DMReport from Hattiesburg, April 13-19, (MS)
4/19/64Joan (Trumpauer?), NAACPReport From the Jackson Movement, (MS).
4/21/64Jane Stembridge, SNCCPersonal letter to Mary King
4/22/64Mike Thelwell, SNCCLetter to Art Waskow re: Freedom Singer concert (DC)
4/23/64Judy Benninger, COREReport to James McCain regarding Dunnellen, CORE (FL)
4/28/64Many strikers, COREReport: Wildcat strike by hotel maids in New Orleans
4/29/64Maurice McCrackinLetter to Amzie Moore re wired money (MS)
64-65Many/VariousCORE's North Florida Citizenship Education Project (NFCEP)
5/7/64Unsigned, SNCCLetter to John Lewis re ExCom Mtg
5/64Rev. Albert RonanderReport on Mission to Mississippi
5/4/64Unsigned, SNCCJohn Due (NCC) arrested in Liberty MS while collecting affadavits for USCCR
5/6/64Rava Bernstein, NAACPLetter to Amzie Moore re shipment of clothing (MS)
5/11/64Marcia (no lastname), CORELetter to Ronnie Moore, re Louisiana summer project
5/13/64Unsigned, CORELetter to, CORE leader James McCain re Louisiana voter registration
5/14/64Michael (Lesser?), CORELetter to Ronnie Moore, re parishes for Louisiana summer project,
5/16/64Sam Shirah SNCCReport to SCEF and, SNCC re WSOP/SSOC,
5/21/64John Papworth, vol.
5/29/64Judy Benninger, CORELetter re Gainsville, CORE, (FL)
5/31/64Jim Boebel, COFOLetter From Jim Boebel (MS)
5/14/64Maurice McCrackinLetter to Amzie Moore re Rev. Reed's needs (MS)
5/18/64Annel Ponder, SCLCLetter to Amzie Moore re food donation (MS)
5/24/64Pearl LangLetter to Amzie Moore re clothing donation (MS)
6/64Tina Harris, SNCCLetter to, SNCC staff re who is reponsible? (MS)
6/64Unsigned, COFOHarassment by Private Persons (Greenville MS)
6/64Unsigned, COFOSuspcious cars (Greenville MS)
6/4/67Bernard RussellLetter to Amzie Moore re hunger and poverty in MS.
6/9/64Chude Allen, SNCCWhy I Am Going to Mississippi,
6/9/67Bonnie CampbellLetter to Amzie Moore re bills & food (MS)
6/12/67Maurice McCrackinLetter to Amzie Moore, re visit (MS)
6/12/64Bob Beech, DMReport From Hattiesburg (MS)
6/13/64Peggy Ewan, CORE
6/15/64Richard Haley, CORELetter to C.O. Chinn re C.O court case (MS)
6/15/64Richard Haley, CORELetter to L.H. Rosenthal re C.O. Chinn court case (MS)
6/15/64Richard Haley, CORELetter to Carsie Hall re Oretha Williams case (MS)
6/18/64Carol Rogoff, SNCCLetter to Tom Levin re medical support for Freedom Summer (MS)
6/22/64Judy Benninger, COREAll-Day, CORE Conference, Dunnellon Florida,
Late June-AugustMississippi Freedom Summer Letters & Reports
6/24/64Mimi Feingold, COREField Report, West Feliciana Parish Louisiana,
6/25/64Jim MonsonisLetter to Nancy Sterns re Waskow request & editorial (MS)
6/25/64Claude Weaver, SNCCConfidential Report, SNCC Activities in Panola County (MS)
1964Ewan, Cortez, Burger, COREReport from Pointe Coupee Parishundated (LA)
1964Unsigned, COREReport From St. Fransville Hardwood Plantation, undated (LA)
6/30/64Unsigned, COFOGreenville research report (MS)
7/64?Anne Braden, SCEFThoughts on the disappearance of Chaney, Schwerner, and Goodman (MS)
7/64Mary Tucker, COFOLetter to Annell Ponder (MS)
7/5/64Ted Levine, SNCCLetter to J. Forman re community centers (PA)
7/6/64UnsignedReport of car following voter registration workers (MS? AL?)
7/6/64Banfield, Kennedy, COFOLetter to Lois re shipment of books, COFO
7/64Daniel Mitchell (COREA Special Report on the Jonesboro, Louisiana
7/13/64Rep. Don EdwardsLetter to Amzie Moore re support for, COFO (MS)
7/20/64Unsigned COFO? SNCC?Notes on parents meeting with James Forman, Steve Schwerner,
7/20/64Rudy Lombard, CORELetter to Richard re Task Force (MS)
7/21/64Fay Bennet, NSFLetter to the Millers re obtaining FHA loan for land, (Shaw, MS)
7/27/64Betty Garman, Julian BondReport on mob violence against SNCC workers, Greenwood MS,
7/64Stokely Carmichael, SNCCMemo re Second District MFDP Convention, undated MS
8/5/64Judy Benninger, COREWeekly Report, CORE Florida Task Force,
8/1/64Unsigned, COFO?Report from Hattiesburg, (MS)
8/2/64Frazer Thompson, DMReport From Clarksdale No. 6, (MS)
8/3/64Alan Verson, COFOBiloxi Bars, (MS)
8/10/64Frazer Thompson, DMReport From Clarksdale No. 8, (MS)
8/10/64Kathleen Henderson, DMMississippi August 2-10
8/10/64William Henderson, DMMississippi August 2-10
8/18/64James Russell, COREReport Desegregate Sand Springs Schools (OK)
8/19/64Daytona, FLRequest to, CORE for assistance,
9/4/64Arthur WaskowLetter to Mrs. Green, re Freedom Democratic Party (DC)
9/2/64Mary Lane, Ida Holland, MSNote re donations of food and clothing
9/4/64Arthur WaskowLetter to Mr. Rauh, re Freedom Democratic Party (DC)
9/8/64Joseph RauhLetter to Arthur, re Atlantic City (DC)
9/6/64R. Hunter Morey, COFOLetter to John McAuliff re voting complaints, (MS)
9/10/64George Raymond, COFOLetter to Richard Haley re weekly reports (MS)
9/11/64Nora Ellen MazeLetter to Mr. McCrakinimprisioned husband (MS)
9/12/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Norma Becker and Sandra Adickes re school boycotts (MS)
9/14/64Edith GreenLetter to Mr. Waskow, re compromise (DC)
9/64?Rev. Jack Alford, DM?A Southern Vacation, report from McComb MS
9/15/64Norma Becker, COFOLetter to Lois Chaffee re school boycotts (MS)
9/16/64Carl BradenLetter to Amzie, re Patriot and Operation Freedom tour (MS)
9/17/64Annell Ponder, SCLCCanceled SCLC Citizenship Teachers Training
9/21/64Unsigned SNCCA Response to the 13th and 14th Bombings in McComb Mississippi
9/22/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Joffre re negative for prints (MS)
9/23/64Ronnie Moore, COREField report, re Daytona Beach FL,
9/24/64Sandra Adickes, UFTLetter to Lois Chaffee re recruiting teachers (MS)
9/24/64Mary Sue, COFOLetter to Lois Chaffee re need of support (MS)
9/24/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Lorne Cress re returning to Hattiesburg (MS)
9/24/64Unsigned, SNCCBrief Report on Guinea
9/25/64Paul Lauter, COFOLetter to Beryl Banfield re Africa handbook (MS)
9/25/64Norman FineLetter to Lois Chaffee re purchase of supplies (MS)
9/26/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Staughton Lynd re Freedom School art (MS)
9/29/64Dan Schechter (NSM)Letter to Lois Chaffee re ideas on tutorials (MS)
9/30/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Beryl Banfield re Africa handbook (MS)
9/30/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Sandra Adickes re recruiting teachers (MS)
9/30/64Curry, WrightLetter re leadership training re school desegregation (MS)
9/30/64Curry, WrightLetter to friends re leadership trainig (MS)
9/30/64Richard HasbrouckLetter re race relations and financial threat to Amzie Moore (MS)
10/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Sue (incomplete) re centers and Freedom Schools (MS)
1964Annell Ponder, SCLCMemo to Vicksburg Community Ctr staff (MS)
1964Grenville Whitman, SNCCLetter to Lois Chafee
1964Lilly Douglas, COFO?
10/1/64Judy Benninger, COREGainsville (FL) CORE, Reorganization and Program,
10/2/64Jo Ann (Ooiman?), COFOReport From Batesville Conference on Freedom Schools (MS)
10/2/64Lois Chafee, COFOLetter to Dan Schecter re education & organizing
10/03/64Barbara Jones, SNCCNote to Nicholas Fischer re Adopt a Freedom Fighter program
10/3/64Barbara Bloomfield, COFOLetter to Lois Chaffee re Freedom Schools (MS)
10/3/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Rev. Lawrence McGowan re Freedom School materials (MS)
10/4/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Goldsmith Brothers re ordering supplies (MS)
10/4/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Rev. Mineo Katagiri re youth groups to sponsor MS projects
10/4/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Goldsmith Brothers re Freedom School materials,
10/4/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Joffre Clark re photos (MS)
10/4/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Beryl Banfiled and Minnie Kennedy re book donation (MS)
10/5/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Ernest Smith, re Michigan State University support (MS)
10/5/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Dr. Robert Green, Michigan State University (MS)
10/5/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Maria Varela, re Michigan State University support (MS)
10/5/64J.E.H. Bolton, FOSLetter to Lois Chaffee, re MS support work,
10/5/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Wes Barthelmes, re art sales, (MS)
10/6/64William Melish, COFOCOFO Freedom House Bombing, Vicksburg, MS,
10/7/64Illegible, COFOLetter to Lois Chaffee re student activism in Eugene (OR)
10/8/64Maurice McCrackinLetter to Amzie, re mortgage payment (MS)
10/12/64Sandra Watts, CORELetter to Richard Haley re, CORE contact,
10/12/64Jo Ann Ooiman, COREIndividual Reports, (MS)
10/15/64Anne BradenLetter to Amzie, re hospitality (KY)
10/15/64Richard Haley, CORELetter to Sandra Watts re, CORE contact,
10/16/64Vicki HalperLetter to Lois Chafee re fundraising opportunity in Florence Italy (MS)
10/18/64Steve McVoy, CORELetter re problems in North Florida, CORE project,
10/20/64Elton Cox, CORELetter to Richard Haley, (FL)
10/20/64Illegible, NAACPLetter to Amzie, re mother (MS)
10/20/64Joann Ooiman, CORE
10/23/64Dave Harris, COFOMississippi Freedom Project — Crises in McComb (MS)
10/23/64Mike Miller, SNCCMemo on Organizing,
10/25/64Greg Kaslo, COREClark County, COFO Project Report, (MS)
10/25/64Richard Jewett, COREWeekly Report, Meridian (MS)
10/27/64Joe Stetson(?), COFO?
10/28/64Aretha Henderson, COFOLetter to Lois Chaffee re license for Batesville day care center (MS)
10/29/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Amzie Moore re architect for Cleveland center (MS)
10/31/64Sue Lorenzi, COFO
11/64Cleveland Sellers, SNCCCorrespondence re Holly Springs project, (MS)
11/64Lily M. Douglas, COFOReport on Hattiesburg (MS)re community center program
11/64Phyllis Cunningham, COFOReport on Hattiesburg (MS) re civil rights education
11/64Barbara Schwartzbaum, COFOHattiesburg Report (MS) re civil rights work
11/64Unsigned, COFOFirst District Report (MS)
11/64Chuck McKeller, SNCCReport on the situation in Gulfport (MS)
11/64Nick Hampton, SNCCReport from Nick Hampton (MS)
11/64Theodis Hewitt, COFOReport on Leake County (MS)
11/64Jesse Harris, COFOThird District Report (MS)
11/64Bradford, Archibald, COFOCommunications to Jesse Morris re Mound Bayou project (MS)
11/64John Harris, SNCCComplaints About the Jackson Office re (MS)
11/64Staughton Lynd, COFOLetter to Lois Chaffee re pictures (MS)
11/64?Unsigned, COFOOne person's analysis of a project's problems,
11/1/64Richard Jewett, COREWeekly Report, Meridian (MS)
11/6/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to New York State Education Dept. re nursery schools (MS)
11/6/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Eric Weinberger re training institute for local people (MS)
11/7/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Lee Bankhead re making contributions (MS)
11/7/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Mary Sue Gellatly re payment (MS)
11/7/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Vicky Halper re request of posters and photographs (MS)
11/7/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Aretha Henderson re license for day care center (MS)
11/7/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Rev. Lawrence McGowen re gift (MS)
11/7/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Barbara Schwartzbaum re preschool programs (MS)
11/7/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Idessa Johnson re payment (MS)
11/8/64Richard Jewett, COREWeekly ReportMeridian (MS)
11/9/64Geraldine L. WilsonLetter to Dr. Jackson, re Mississippi students (MS)
11/11/64Idessa Johnson, COFOLetter to Lois Chaffee re payment (MS)
11/12/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Ayra Woodruff re pamphlets (MS)
11/13/64Unsigned, COFOLetter to Edith Black re Committee on Concern (MS)
11/13/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Neil Goldachmidt re fund-raising attempts (MS)
11/13/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Albert Sayer re check received (MS)
11/13/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Barbara Schwarzbaum re Lilly leaving, COFO (MS)
11/13/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Staughton Lynd re paintings about Freedom Schools (MS)
11/13/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to George Albertz re Greenwood (MS)
11/13/64Richard Halley, CORELetter to Annie Devine re staff conference (MS)
11/14/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Vincent De Forrest re architects for community centers (MS)
11/14/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Charles Cogen re adoption appeal (MS)
11/16/64Myra Woodruff, USNYLetter to Lois Chaffee re pamphlet about nursery school (MS)
11/18/64SamDear Ms. Kaplow, note re work Tallahatchie Co. MS.
11/19/64Viki & Martin NicolausDear Hodeses, letter re Jackson. (MS)
11/23/64Sandra Watts, COFOMeridian Report (MS)
11/23/64Dinky Romilly, SNCCLetter to Judy Richardson re SNCC's phone bill (MS)
11/21/64Ellickson, Mosley, COFOWeekly Report from Moss Point-Pascagoula (MS)
11/18/64Lois Rodgers
11/21/64Mary Brumder, COFOReport on Holmes County (MS)
11/23/64Mary Sue Gellatly, COFOLetter to Lois Chaffee re help from WILPF (MS)
11/23/64David McVoy, COREIncident report, Quincy Florida,
11/23/64S.W. Tucker, SLCLetter to Amzie Moore, re re-election of William Ming to NAACP board
11/24/64Richard Haley, CORELetter to George Raymond Jr., re various issues (LA)
11/25/64Unsigned, COFOArrests of Sears Buckley and Fred Hamburger in Columbus MS
11/27/64Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie Moore, re money order and payments (MS)
11/27/64Bock, Dukes, COREProgress Report for Havana Florida,
11/27/64Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie Moore re money order and payments (MS)
11/28/64UnsignedDear Alicia note re trouble in Tutwiler MS
11/28/64Beryl BanfiledLetter to Lois Chaffee re list for freedom centers (MS)
11/28/64Dick Kelley, COFOReport and criticisms about COFO's structure (MS)
11/29/64Edward Hollander, COREJoe Morse, Sandy Watts arrested for burglary (MS)
11/30/64Liz Fusco, COFOLetter to Sheila Shankman re adopting a freedom school (MS)
11/30/64Lillian TalbotLetter to Amzie Moore re shipment of clothing (MS)
64-65Stuart Wechsler, CORECORE Field Reports From Florida,
12/64Unsigned, COFOBi-annual Report Rankin County Project (MS)
12/3/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Amzie Moore re business application (MS)
12/8/64Beth Johnson, NAACPLetter to Amzie Moore re quilting group (MS)
12/11/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Sandra Adickes (MS)
12/12/64Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to re Xmas gift (MS)
12/14/64Bock, Dukes, COREProgress Report for Havana Florida,
12/18/64Stuart Wechsler, CORELetter to ILGWU,
12/19/64Name Redacted
12/22/64John Wilkins, volunteerLetter to Alicia Kaplow returning support checks, (MS)
12/28/64Hattiesburg, COFODear Friends, letter from Hattiesburg (MS).
1964SchwartzbaumBarbara Schwartzbaum Letter (MS).
1964Fredrick Brooks, COREReport From Jonesboro (LA)
12/64Warner Buxton, COFOClarke County Project Report, (MS)
1964?Joann Ooiman, CORE
64 66Phil LapsanskyNote about Dave Dogget, Undated (probably 1964-66)
64? 65?LindaLetter to Alicia Kaplow re a day in Mississippi. Undated (probably 1964 or '65)
64? 65?Courtland Cox, SNCCLetter to Jessie (Morris?) re financial reimbursal, (MS)
1965Abe (Osherhoff?)Letter to Lucy Montgomery re greetings & brochure
1965Nancy Myron, COFOLetter to Lucy Montgomery re Freedom Schools
1965Elizabeth HenryLetter to friends re Washington March for Peace in Vietnam
1/65Guy & Candie CarawanLetter re gathering freedom songs
1/65Linda Seese SNCC
1/2/65Larry Rubin, SNCCReport From Marshal County (MS)
1/2/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to George Raymond re co-op procedures (LA)
1/5/65Unsigned COFO/MFDPHello Outside World!, report from Holly Springs MS
1/6/65Mrs Orville CrupLetter to Lois Chafee, COFO re support work (MS)
1/6/65Margaret BushnellLetter to Frank Cieciorka re reading materials (SNCC, COFO)
01/08/65John Wilkins, SNCCReturn of stipend check
1/10/65Idell Croft, SNCCLetter to Alicia Kaplow with updates (handwritten)
1/12/65Karen Koonan, SNCCNote re receipt of funds
1/12/65Lee [Illegible], Aberdeen MSThank you note for financial support (handwritten)
1/15/65Greg Kaslo, COREWeekly Report, Clark County MS.
1/15/65Marvin Rich, CORELetter to Richard Jewett (MS)
1/18/65Idell Craft, SNCCNote re stolen money orders (handwritten)
1/19/65Mary Sue Gellatly, COFOLetter to NCC re priest from Portland (MS)
1/19/65Richard Jewett, MFDPMississippi Field Report,
1/21/65Bob Abts, FoSNote re organizing against South African Apartheid (handwritten)
1/21/65Charles Horwitz, COFOLetter to Alcia Kaplow re his COFO work
1/22/65Charles Hartfield, Laurel MSNote to Alicia Kaplow re sponsorship checks
1/25/65JoAnn Ooiman, CORELetter to Richard Haley re New Orleans meeting
1/26/65Bernard & Ron CarverLetter re police repression in Starkeville MS,
1/26/65Idell Croft, SNCCUnemployed for working with The Movement (handwritten)
1/31/65Barbara Jones, SNCCNote re sponsorship of Linda Seese (Spes Dolphin)
1965Freeman Cocroft, COFONote requesting permission to return to Meridian MS project (handwritten)
2/65Judy Walborn, MFP-SUSelma Alabama and the White Northern Liberal (AL)
2/65Roy Shields, SNCCOverall Report, Southwest Georgia (GA)
2/1/65Jacob CohenLetter to Lois Chaffee, re Freedom School curriculum (MS)
2/1/65Alan Schiffmann, CORENeshoba Project Report (MS)
2/3/65Unsigned COFOReport From Marks MS, ("1964" on document is probably a mistype)
2/3/65Vicki & Martin Nicolaus?Letter to Hodes, re du Bois Freedom Library, Jackson MS.
2/8/65Canton CORECanton Project January 25-February 8 1965, (MS)
2/9/66Richard Criley, CCDBRLetter to Lucy Montgomery, re Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights
2/10/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to C.O. Chinn (MS)
2/11/66Annie Devine, COFONote to Lucy Montgomery re the Greenville Crisis
2/15/65Frederick JohnsonTelegram to Lois Chaffee re study visit (NY)
2/16/65Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Frederick Johnson re study visit (MS)
2/65Herman KitchenThe School Boycott, Moultrie, GA,
1965Matt SuarezNew Orleans Community Organizers — Report
2/15/65Vicki Nicolaus?, COFODear Hodeses (MS),
2/15/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to George Smith,
2/15/65Stephen Bingham, MFDPMississippi Letter, (26-pgs),
2/16/65C.O. Chin, CORELetter to Richard Haley, re building (MS),
2/18/65Charley, Jackson MSDear Alicia, letter re work, situation, and illnesses in Jackson MS
2/20/65Ralph Featherstone, SNCCThe Stench of Freedom (Selma)
2/22/65Idell Croft, Greenwood MSDear Sue, note re problems cashing support money order (handwritten)
2/25/65Miriam GlickmanWhy I Stopped Being on, SNCC Staff (MS)
2/23/65Marcellus Byrd, CORELetter to James Farmer, re payroll (MS)
2/24/65Lois Chaffee, COFOLetter to Frederick Compton, re food and clothing (MS),
2/24/65Unsigned COFOHattiesburg, COFO - Very Active (MS).
2/65Unsigned SNCCPerry County Alabama Report (AL),
3/2/65To CA Gov. BrownLetter From MS Governor Johnson
3/2/65Maeola Anderson, Greenwood MSThank you note to Kaplow requesting additional support
03/03/65Dave Novick, COFONote re financial hardship situation at Greenville & other projects, (MS)
3/7/65Roy Shields, SNCCLetter re residential freedom school in Cordele GA
3/10/65Maeola Anderson, Greenwood MSMississippi Report, weekly report from Greenwood (handwritten)
3/11/65Arlene Wigoren, SNCCReport on Demonstration at Capitol Club, Little Rock, AR
3/15/65Le Faucette, CORECORE field report, Tallahassee, FL.
3/12/65Milton HerstDonation of fabric remnants for quilts
3/15/65Rev. Harry Bowie, DMLetter & Report to Rev. Gayraud Wilmore (MS)
3/16/65Howard ZinnMemo to Atlanta, SNCC re Selma (AL)
3/17/65Charles Hartfield, COFO
Seven-page report on Movment and repression in Laurel & Jones Co. MS Original (PDF) Formatted text (HTML)
3/19/65Ronnie Moore, COREBienville Parish Report (LA)
1965Bruce Hartford, SCLCFour letters from Selma, AL
3/19/65SNCC workersLetter From Batesville (MS)
3/22/65Susan Morgan (Unitarians)Letter to, COFO re helping with Freedom Centers (MD)
3/23/65Claire Hartford (parent)Letter to LBJ from a worried mother (AL)
and Reply by John Doar (5/28/65)
3/65Randy Glenn, SNCCAlabama Project
3/24/65William Beale, UFADonation for Freedom School project, (MS)
3/24/65Dombrowski & Braden, SCEFHelp Urgently Needed in Alabama
3/29/65Rev. Dr. Janet WolfeLast Day of the Selma-Montgomery March (AL)
3/31/64Charles Hartfield, COFOLetter/report about disruption and community divisions Laurel MS
Original (PDF) Formatted text (HTML)
4/2/65Randy Glenn, CORELetter re, CORE and Selma & March to Montgomery (AL)
4/2/65Unsigned (SCEF?)Letter re Selma & Montgomery protests,
4/5/65Richard Haley, CORELetter to Eric Weinberger re OEO in Meridian
4/14/65Annell Ponder, SCLCLetter to Lois re SCOPE project
4/65Judith Rollins, COREScouting Report of Natchitoches Parish (LA)
4/15/65Will Ussery, COREReport on Arrest of Charles Williams (Bogalusa LA)
4/15/65David Dukes, COREField Report, Jefferson & Madison Counties (FL)
4/21/65Charles Hartfield, COFOLetter/report about 5th District meeting and clothing distribution, Laurel MS
Original (PDF) Formatted text (HTML)
4/27/65Miriam BravermanLetter to, COFO re Freedom libraries (NY)
4/30/65Spiver Gordon, COREField Report (FL)
5/1/65Virginia Steele, COFOLetter to anyone with photographs (PA)
5/5/65Hardy Frye, SNCCLetter From Holly Springs (MS)
5/7/65Charlie Cobb, SNCCA Reflective Look (Julian Bond's Campaign) (GA)
5/11/65Earnest Thomas (Deacons)Letter to Ronnie Moore re Deacons for Defense & Justice (LA)
5/14/65UnsignedLetter From Holly Springs (MS)
5/15/65Catherine Crowell, CORELetter re Meridian Project status
5/17/65Lucy, HRECLetter to James and Rob about Highlander's education (TN)
5/23/65Bruce Hartford, SCLCLetter re Selma AL
5/25/65David Dennis, CORELetter to Dick Jewett about Field Fellowship program (MS)
1965Aviva Futorian, COFOLetter From Holly Springs & Benton Co. (MS)
5/65Mimi Feingold, COREScouting Report — St. Tammany Parish (LA)
5/65Sandra Watts, COREReport to Richard Haley (MS)
6/65UnknownField Report;Washington Parish (Bogalusa LA)
6/65Peter MullenbergFive Letters About Natchez Arrest & Jailing (MS)
6/65George Smith, CORENewton County Report (MS)
6/64Joseph RauhTwo Letters to Bob Moses (MS)
6/9/65UnsignedLetter from Adams County jail (MS)
6/15/65CORE StaffMeridian Project Report,
6/17/65Nancy Turitz, SNCCLetter From Jackson Jail (MS)
1965Eugene & Nancy Turitz, SNCCFour Letters From Mississippi
1965Jane Stembridge, SNCCStokely's Speech Class
1965Joanne Gavin, SNCCPosition Paper: Funds-Sources & Staff Salaries
1965SCLC workersReports From Crawfordville GA
6/65Harvey Malray (Deacons)Statement re carrying shotgun (LA)
1965Jim Kates, COFOJackson City Jail (MS)
7/65Harriet, CDGMDear Friends (MS)
7/12/65Pam SmithClaiborne Parish incident report
7/12/65Silas Norman, SNCCLetter re residential freedom school in Chcago (AR)
7/7/65Sen. Edward Kennedy, (USS)Letter from: Sen. Edward Kennedy re Coleman nomination to the federal branch
7/22/65Meldon Acheson, CORELetter re, CORE Summer Project (LA)
7/28/65Murphy Dell, NAACPLetter to Mayor of Baton Rouge LA re segregation
1965Sam Walker, COFOGulfport, MS. Report & Analysis
7/65UnknownReport From Claiborne Parish (Homer, LA)
7/65JimLetter From Natchez, MS
1965James KolbLetter to DoJ re Denial of Voting Rights (AL)
8/65UnsignedWestpoint Mississippi, (re violence)
8/65Willie GriggsTo Whom This May Concern (MS)
8/6/65Rev. Janet WolfeConfrontation With Authorities in Greenville (AL)
09/05/65Rick Saling, COFOValley View weekly activities (Madison Co. MS). Aug 30-Sept 5
09/05/65Unsigned, COFOWeekly Report From the Valley View Office in Madison County (MS)
9/12/65Rick Saling, COFOValley View Weekly Report (Madison Co. MS), Sept 6-Sept 12
9/19/65Rick Saling, COFOValley View Weekly Report (Madison Co. MS), Sept 13-Sept 19
9/26/65Rick Saling, COFOValley View Weekly Report (Madison Co. MS), Sept 20-Sept 26
9/21/65Havard Richburg, CCVLLetter to Bruce Hartford, SCLC (AL)
9/27/65Stoney Cooks, SCLCTelephone Report (Natchez, MS)
9/30/65Maxine Skurka, CORELetter to Beverly Lee re offices of Crown Zellbach (LA)
10/65SNCC StaffSNCC Field Reports
10/65Dona Richards, SNCCReport on the Beginnings of the Africa Project
10/3/65Bruce Hartford, SCLCLetter to the West Family (Selma AL)
10/5/65Rev. Larry Butler, SCLCReport to SCLC on work in Barbour County (AL)
10/5/65Dodie Smith, CORELetter to Maxine Skurka re offices of Crown Zellbach (LA)
10/8/65Unsigned MFDP/CORE4th Cong. District Office Daily Log MS
10/9/65Unsigned MFDP/CORE4th Cong. District Office Daily Log MS
10/10/65Richards/Parris, OAUReport from Africa on Organization of African Unity
10/65Mike Miller, SNCCLetter to Cynthia Washington re, SNCC
10/10/65Unsigned MFDP/CORE4th Cong. District Office Daily Log MS
10/12/65Unsigned MFDP/CORE4th Cong. District Office Daily Log MS
10/12/65Lynne Hollander, CORELetter to Judy Richardson re freedom primer (MS)
10/15/65Walter Gilbert, COREReport #1 on Fire attack on CORE office in Carthage, MS (handwritten)
10/15/65Lynne Hollander, COREReport #2 on Fire attack on CORE office in Carthage, MS (handwritten)
10/15/65Unsigned MFDP/CORE4th Cong. District Office Daily Log MS
10/19/65Judy Richardson, SNCCLetter to Lynne Hollander re freedom primer (GA)
10/25/65Madison Parish Voters LeagueDear Sir re employment to Negros (LA)
1965Bruce Hartford, SCLCLetter re civil rights work in AL
11/65Stokely Carmichael, SNCCLetter From Lowndes County (AL)
11/65Bertha Alice Nelson, Cleveland MS
11/6/65Lynne Hollander, CORELetter to Sullivan Associates re Programmed Reading (MS)
64–66?Bob Abt
11/11/65Citizens of Tallulah, CORELetter to the Mayor of Tallulah re fire station(LA)
11/65Charles McLaurin, SNCCNotes on Rural Organizing
12/2/65Pearl HershfieldLetter re Donated clothing for The South (handwritten)
12/3/65Cleveland WilliamsLetter to Lucy Montgomery re Freedom Brick Co-Op (handwritten)
12/6/65Daggett HarveyLetter to Lucy Montgomery re: Economic and cultural development
12/10/65Myrna ThomasNote to Lucy Montgomery re: support needed (handwritten)
12/15/65Isaac FosterLetter to Lucy Montgomery re: Tent City, (MS)
12/16/65Burt SelleLetter to Lucy Montgomery re: Xmas appeal for children
12/21/65Lula WilliamsNote to Lucy Montgomery re appreciation for donated clothes (MS) (handwritten)
12/21/65NinaNote to Lucy Montgomery re appreciation for Xmas box
12/30/65Fay Bellamy, SNCCReport on Lowndes County tent city. (AL)
1966Unknown (MCHR)Report on Alabama MCHR Project
1966John Buffington, SNCC
1/9/66Charlie Cobb, SNCCDear Mary (to Mary King re SNCC)
1/10/66Abner J. Mivka
1/11/66Oberia Holliday, MFDPAnnouncement and appeal re West Point MS sewing co-op
1/12/66Ann Cook, SWAPAnnouncement from Friends of Student Woodlawn Area Project, Chicago, IL
1/19/66Denise Nicholas, FSTLetter to Lucy Montgomery re research into Black drama at the Shomberg Library
1/26/66Lowell Sachnoff, TTPLetter to Ken Montgomery re Turn Towards Peace strategy and future
2/25/66Monroe Sharp, FoSEmergency fund appeal letter for SNCC to Lucy Montgomery
03/07/66Farn? HamptonNote to Alcia Kaplow re progress and difficulties in Charleston MS, (handwritten)
4/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCHale County & May elections (AL)
1966Bruce Hartford, SCLCThree Field Reports from Hale County
4/6/66Marion WrightInvitation to school desegregation conference, (MS)
5/66Rev. Samuel Wells, SCLCReport on Marengo County (AL)
5/3/66Lucy Montgomery
5/9/66Lucy Moore
6/9/66Unsigned, SNCCAn Organizer's Notebook, (AR)
6/24/66Alicia Kaplow & Elizabeth FoS/SNCC?Exchange of notes about contacting former SNCC staff
6/29/66Russell James, USDADenial of food assistance, (MS)
7/13/66Hosea Williams, SCLCLetter to National Council of Churches re sound system (MS)
7/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCLetter about the Meredith Mississippi March
7/66?M. George Walters, DM?
8/3/66Senotobia MS SNCC workersNote to Alicia Kaplow re desperate need for financial help (handwritten)
8/10/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCWeekly Report, Grenada MS.
8/12/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCDaily Individual Report, Grenada MS.
8/3/66Ernest Powers, SNCC
8/5/66Janine(?) Haynes
8/8/66Walden HowardFour Days For Freedom, report from Grenada, Mississippi
8/9/66Dwight BozemanGrenada, Mississippi, report on mob violence
8/20/66Sid Walker, SNCCMemo to, SNCC Central Committee (MS)
9/1/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCWeekly Report (Grenada MS)
9/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCLetter about the Grenada MS movement
9/66John Salter, NAACPLetter Describing Medgar Evers (MS)
9/16/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCSchool Integration Report (Grenada, MS
10/66Lorenzi & Shimkin, FISReport on a Meeting of Community Organizers in MS.
1966Gwen Patton, SNCCLowndes County Election Fraud
10/26/66Unsigned, SNCCNote to Alicia Kaplow re desperate need for funds (West Point MS)
10/27/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCArrest Report (Grenada MS)
1966Bruce Hartford, SCLCASCS Organizing Report #1
1966Bruce Hartford (SCLCASCS Report #2
10/17/66Robert GelgachLetter to Lucy Montgomery, re Cook for Congress campaign (IL)
11/66Fay Bellamy, SNCCA Little Old Report (re Stokeley & SNCC)
11/66Loraine HowardTaliaferro Ladies' Goes to Washington, (GA)
12/6/66Bruce Hartford, SCLCReport on Poor Peoples Committee (Grenada MS)
12/66Bruce Hartford (SCLCNorth & South Report (re Grenada MS)
1/7/67Dora & Joe AdamsNote to Alicia Kaplow re appreciation of support (West Point MS),
1/7/67Illegible, OFCLetter to Amzie Moore re: Money Orders (
1/14/67Bruce Hartford, SCLCReport on Poor Peoples Committee (Grenada MS)
1/24/67Ceaser Scott, SNCCLetter to John Doar re conditions & problems Bolivar Co. (MS)
3/67Fay (Bellamy?), SNCCDear Staff (To SNCC)
3/16/67Charlie Cobb, SNCCLetter to US on his Trip to Vietnam #1
3/19/65Charlie Cobb, SNCCLetter to US on his Trip to Vietnam #2
3/21/67C. Conrad Browne, HRECLetter to Amzie, re materials (TN)
3/22/67Kenneth Wagner, MRDCLetter to Amzie Moore, re proposal (MS)
3/23/67Mrs. Kenneth MontgomeryLetter to Amzie, re political training session (MS)
3/24/67Mrs. Kenneth MontgomeryLetter to Amzie, re political campaign program (MS)
4/5/67J.M. Merrell, OEOLetter to Mrs. Mary Ree McCaskill (MS) re dispute over Head Start program, (MS)
5/2/67Arthur L. WardLetter to Amzie Moore, re pre-school (MS)
5/2/67Juanita JohnsonLetter to Amzie Moore, re Head-Start School (MS)
6/27/67Mrs. Harold RespassLetter to Amzie Moore re donation of clothes (MS)
1967John ObeeDear Mom and Dad
8/67Fay Bellamy, SNCCLetter on Role of Women
8/1/67Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie, re health (MS)
8/15/67Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Charles McLaurin re financial situation (MS)
8/15/67Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie re McLaurin's financial situation (MS)
8/23/67Maurice McCrackin, OFCLetter to Amzie, re programs (MS)
8/30/67Edgar CahnLetter to Amzie, re Citizens' Rights Complaint Center (MS)
9/67George Ware, SNCCReport to, SNCC Staff on Trip to Cuba
9/8/67John WilsonLetter to Maurice, re Operation Freedom
9/10/67Laura EngleNote to Amzie Moore, re food stamp problems(MS)
9/11/67Illegible OFCNote to Amzie Moore, re asthma & support work (MS)
9/22/67Lowell DodgeLetter to Joel Fleishman, Yale Univ re leadership training for MS
10/4/67William Alexander (candidate)Letter to Amzie Moore asking for his political support in state Senate race. (MS)
10/10/67Willard McIlwan (candidate)Letter to Amzie Moore asking for his political support in state Senate race. (MS)
10/12/67Mrs. Mable Wilmington, PPCLetter to Mr. Moore, re list of names (MS)
10/16/67Maurice McCrackin, OFCMemo to Amzie Moore, re support work (MS)
10/31/67Rubel Phillips (candidate)Letter to Amzie Moore asking for his political support in Governor's race. (MS)
10/31/67Rubel Phillips (candidate)Letter to Amzie Moore asking for his political support in Governor's race. (MS)
11/20/67Maurice McCrackin OFCNote to Amzie Moore, re his health (MS)
1968 and later
1968?Dorothy Zellner, SCEFReport to the SCEF Board From the Deep South Project, undated
4/7/68Joe (MS)Dear Faith re families (MS)
5/14/68UnsignedWest Marks Democratic Party precinct convention, (MS)
8/1/68Charles Jefferson, SCLCReport from Grenada MS 7/26-8/2/68
9/68Charles Jefferson, SCLCReport from Grenada MS 9/9-9/14/68
9/68Charles Jefferson, SCLCReport from Grenada MS 9/16-9/22/68
10/29/68Charles Jefferson, SCLCWeekly Report from Grenada MS
11/6/68Charles Jefferson, SCLCLetter to Hosea Williams from Grenada MS
11/18/68Charles Jefferson, SCLCWeekly Report, Grenada MS
12/9/68Charles Jefferson, SCLCWeekly Report, Grenada MS
12/29/69Victor Cassidy, SNCCLetter to Wisconsin Historical Society re donation of SNCC papers

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