SNCC 50th Anniversary – Vol. 04 – SNCC Builds An Organization

SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference
Volume 4 – SNCC Builds An Organization

Karen Spellman (SNCC Research Department)
Judy Richardson (SNCC Field Secretary)
Betty Garman Robinson (SNCC Atlanta Headquarters)
Margaret Lauren Herring (SNCC Atlanta Headquarters)
Tamio Wakayama (SNCC Photographer)
Freddie Greene Biddle (SNCC Field Secretary)

This session presents a behind-the-scenes look at the people and elements that kept SNCC running as an organization. The panelists, former SNCC staffers (many of whom also worked “in the field” as well), represent some of the glue that held SNCC together as an organization. Their work was vital in addressing communications to transportation and the provision of other resources for SNCC members. The panelists discuss the little-known story about the internal workings of the organization and in so doing, demonstrate the remarkable range of backgrounds in SNCC people.