SNCC 50th Anniversary – Vol. 03 – From Student Activists to Field Organizers

SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference
Volume 3 – From Student Activists to Field Organizers

Charlie Cobb (SNCC Field Secretary)
Jean Wheeler Young (SNCC Field Secretary)
Chuck McDew (SNCC Chairman)
Dorie Ladner (SNCC Field Secretary)
Wendell Paris (SNCC Field Secretary
Wazir “Willie” Peacock (SNCC Field Secretary)

The most remarkable aspect of the civil disobedience and sit-ins of the 1960s was the leadership of young people. More than any other organization, SNCC best reflected this youthful engagement. Importantly, young activists were challenging other young people to join them, and also challenging established civil rights organizations to speed up the pace of their efforts. Their commitment and energy led to the grassroots organizing work that defined the freedom movement of the 1960s. In this session, panelists discuss their deepening involvement with the Southern Movement as grassroots community organizers. Harry Belafonte makes an unscheduled appearance in the session.