Q&A: Movement Course Build Information Session

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00:10:27 Aisha Winfield: Good Morning
00:10:37 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: Good Morning Aisha
00:11:18 Jennifer Lawson: Good morning Aisha
00:11:40 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: Good Morning Ms. Jennifer
00:13:47 Mark Wheeler: Good morning, all!
00:14:36 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: Good Morning Mark
00:14:51 Kyla Frank: Good morning yall!
00:14:56 Mark Wheeler: Reacted to “Good morning yall!” with 👍
00:15:04 Dr. Kisha Howell: Good morning everyone! Happy to be here!
00:15:17 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: Good Morning Kyla and Dr. Kisha
00:15:19 Joanee Buffaloe: Good morning!
00:16:40 Nisha Shetty: Good morning, everyone!
00:17:02 DJ Bradley: Happy Monday all!
00:29:56 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: If you have questions please place them in the chat or see the three dots and submit questions via Q & A
00:32:48 Mia Henry: I can’t really read the screen share very well. Is it possible to share the highlights verbally.
00:33:33 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: If you go to www.sncclegacyproject.org you can see the full information as well as download
00:34:22 Mark Wheeler: Thank you Bunmi.
00:39:42 Mia Henry: Hi! Thank you for hosting this. Are you looking for a vendor that provides the content to you or actually builds the course out on your platform or both?
00:45:20 Mia Henry: I see the decision will be made in February 2024 and I heard that you would like students enrolled in the fall. Does this mean March – August would be the full timeline for development? Will there be a piloting period before public release?
00:45:32 Kyla Frank: This is so Exciting!
00:47:39 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: Thank you Mia. I see your question. You will respond to your question following Joseph.
00:49:34 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: Joanne I see your hand. We will call yo up after Mia’s question is addressed
00:51:13 Meghana Chitnis: We understand that UNF uses Yuja as a video, proctoring, and accessibility platform, Zoom for interaction, Turnitin for assessments, and Canva for asset building. Apart from that, does UNF have a subscription to any media tools⎯⎯H5P, Genially, Storyline, Articulate Rise, Evolve, and Vyond⎯⎯that they use or prefer for media production?
00:51:44 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: I see your technology question Meghana
00:52:54 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: Thanks Regina. I see your hand.
00:54:36 Mia Henry: Thank you Bunmi and Dr. Valora.
00:59:25 Meghana Chitnis: Thanks, Bunmi Samuel and Dr Richardson
01:01:59 Regina Moorer: Regina Moorer rmoorer@alasu.edu
01:05:15 Kyla Frank: 😍
01:06:06 Jacqulyn Hamilton: jacqulyn@chicagofreedomschool.org
01:06:09 Dr. Kisha Howell: Love the shoutout to the 60th anniversary of the Mississippi Freedom Schools of 1964!
01:06:29 Mia Henry: Reacted to “Love the shoutout to…” with ❤️
01:06:50 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: I am Freedom School baby and led Freedom Schools for some time in Philadelphia. Shout out to FS!
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01:06:58 Dr. Kisha Howell: kisharanelhowell@gmail.com
01:07:01 kYmberly Keeton: artlibrarydeco@gmail.com
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01:07:05 Kyla Frank: kyla.frank16@gmail.com
01:07:15 Mia Henry: Mia Henry – mia@freedomlifted.com
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01:07:41 Joanne Irby: jirby@rabengroup.com
01:07:51 Jacqulyn Hamilton: Reacted to Mia Henry – mia@free… with “❤️”
01:07:59 Meghana Chitnis: Meghana.chitnis@learningmate.com; Nisha.shetty@learningmate.com
01:08:09 Joseph Olchefske: jolchefske@yahoo.com
01:08:19 Meghana Chitnis: One last question from my end: What is the expected duration and frequency of the post-launch support, course updates, and troubleshooting for the course?
01:09:29 Mia Henry: Reacted to “I am Freedom School …” with ❤️
01:09:30 Julian Thompson: contact@hbcuv.org
01:10:14 Joanne Irby: Thanks to all for your time.
01:10:29 Kyla Frank: How much should we build out the course for the submission?
01:10:30 Meghana Chitnis: Great, thanks so much Dr. Richardson
01:11:39 Bunmi Samuel, SLP Consultant/Curator: Please send further questions in this chat while on or send to contact@hbcuv.org
01:11:49 Dr. Kisha Howell: Reacted to “Please send further …” with 👍
01:14:12 Junius Williams: what are your funding parameters?
01:15:00 Nisha Shetty: Thank you so much!
01:15:10 Joanee Buffaloe: Thanks so much!
01:15:21 Dr. Kisha Howell: Thank you all for this opportunity! I’m excited to submit!
01:15:21 Meghana Chitnis: Thanks for organizing this and grateful for all the answers. Great day!