Meet the Authors of the SNCC 60th Anniversary Conference

Meet the Authors: A Legacy of Excellence in SNCC Literature – 19 Authors, 1 Movement

Since their service in SNCC in the 1960’s, many SNCC veterans have penned memoirs and studies of their time in the Southern Civil Rights Movement. We have gathered 19 of these authors for one-on-one interviews about their work and their books. These are the people who were ‘on the ground’ with SNCC in Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and North and South Carolina. Their first person accounts bring the history and legacy of SNCC to life for today’s readers and activists.

A special thanks to the volunteer interviewers: Dr. Geri Augusto (Brown University); Dr. Wesley Hogan (Duke); Dr. Emilye Crosby (SUNY Geneseo); Jennifer Lawson (SNCC Legacy Project), Larry Rubin (SNCC Legacy Project), and Danita Mason-Hogans (Duke). Their probing questions led the authors lovingly to tell their unique stories.