In Memoriam: Frank Holloway

Frank Holloway


Frank Holloway, born and raised in Atlanta, GA, joined the Atlanta Committee on the Appeal for Human Rights, precursor of the Atlanta Student Movement as a college student in 1960, and was active in sit-ins and picketing. He was arrested several times.

In 1961 he was a Freedom Rider.  He then worked as a SNCC Field Secretry in Gadsden and Selma, Alabama, Augusta, GA, and the Mississippi Delta from 1961 through 1967.  He also worked on Julian Bond’s re-election campaign and was part of the SNCC Atlanta Project.

Later, Frank spent his career working for poverty and employment programs in Atlanta and Fulton County.

Frank Holloway, Freedom Rider and SNCC Veteran, passed away May 12, 2018 at his home in Texas, age 79.  Of his experience as a Freedom Rider, Frank wrote: “It was a challenge and it sort of made you feel good that you could do it, that you could take the abuse from them and still continue to do what you do.  Because it showed white folks that these negroes are not afraid.”

Frank Holloway