In Memoriam: Faye Bellamy

Faye Bellamy

Faye Bellamy was born in May, 1938 in Pennsylvania. She joined the US Air Force shortly after graduating from high school, and served at Ft. Dix, NJ.

While working at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, her cousin Lee Jack Morton told her about SNCC. She enlisted and went to work in SNCC’s Selma, Alabama office, arriving in Selma on January 1, 1965.

Faye worked with Project Directors John Love, and later Silas Norman. She was there during the Selma- Montgomery march. Later, she went to work in Green County, Alabama with Cynthia Washington, and finally worked in communications in the SNCC office in 1966. She was an assistant to James Forman, and to Stokely Carmichael. She founded the SNCC newsletter The Africanamerican, and was part of a SNCC delegation that traveled through the USSR in 1966.

In later life, Faye helped found and worked for 27 years with Radio Station WRFG – Radio Free Georgia – in Atlanta. She is survived by her husband William Powell.

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Faye Bellamy