Electoral Politics


  1. Politics is the expression of economic interest and the vote is the currency of politics. In reality, the vote is used to determine two things: 1) the size, scope and direction of government; and 2) whose political and economic interest will it serve.
  2. The present multi-state coordinated assault on voting rights is designed to make sure that the economic interest, of the affluent, is maintained and advanced. Those at the top of the economic pyramid understand that the vote is a struggle for the size, scope and direction of government and they view elections as a zero sum gain.
  3. While the persons most impacted by the attempts to restrict voting tend to be minorities, the elderly, the poor and students, we must frame the discussion of voting rights broader than it is almost never useful to engage in struggle to be against something or someone one of bad and corrupt politicians depriving good people of their constitutional right to vote.
  4. The struggle for the vote must be seen as the fight for the control of government the one institution that can level the economic playing field for all Americans.
  5. Organizing for real change and political power is a journey, not a one-time, win/lose event.