Culture Of The Movement

Legendary photographer Kwame Brathwaite of ‘Black is Beautiful’ has passed away at age 85

The pioneering activist and trailblazing photographer whose work helped propagate the “Black is Beautiful” movement of the 1960s, was born on January 1, 1938, to immigrants from Barbados who lived in Brooklyn, New York.

SNCC and the Black Arts Movement

Focusing on artistic endeavor, Moderator A.B. Spellman describes this session’s theme as "Where we came from, where we went, where we are and where we might go."

The Night Willie Peacock Preached Us (1965)

Willie Peacock preached us a history lesson beginning at the ice age and then questioned his students...

Outsinging Trouble

The Black community’s rich cultural traditions sustained movement activists...


by Jonathan Lykes Founder & Executive Director, Liberation House

What to Say to You Now

by Ms. Sonia Sanchez Poet, Activist, Leader, and Scholar

Music of the Movement

“Music is A Motivator and Organizing Tool.” - Chuck Neblett Freedom...