Ms. Martínez in the mid-1980s. “I can practically narrate the story of my political life using Betita’s work as anchoring points,” the activist and scholar Angela Davis wrote. 1925-2021     Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez died June 29, 2021 in  San Francisco.  She worked for SNCC  in Mississippi during Freedom Summer 1964 and as the Director of the NY SNCC Office in 1964-65 and was then known as Liz Sutherland.  She  was editor of  “The Movement: Documentary of a Struggle for Equality” (1964), a pictorial history of the civil rights movement, with text by  Lorraine Hansberry. Ms. Martínez directed the royalties to  Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.  She edited “Letters From Mississippi,” correspondence from the mostly white Northern college students who had volunteered in the Mississippi registration drive. She also edited James Forman’s autobiography, “The Making of Black Revolutionaries: A Personal Account” (1972). Elizabeth was born in 1925 in Washington, DC and was raised in the Maryland suburbs.  Her mother was American-born and her father was from Mexico.  Liz later claimed her Latina heritage and reverted to her birth name, Martinez.   She is survived by her daughter Tessa. 
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