By Sharlene Kranz


For the SNCC Legacy Project I have been working to create a roster of everyone who was ever on SNCC’s paid staff.



I first consulted the Papers of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. These are the SNCC files from the Atlanta, New York City and Washington, DC offices which are now at the King Center in Atlanta, and available on microfilm at many libraries across the country. There are no “payroll” records as such, so I gleaned names from memoranda, minutes of staff meetings, correspondence, lists of those eligible to attend closed staff meetings, WATS reports, the Student Voice, and other documents. The Papers cover the Atlanta, Washington, DC and New York offices of SNCC from 1960-1971.


I then consulted Internet databases for more information, such as (a genealogy site), Facebook, Google, the Social Security Death Index, the Arkansas SNCC listserve, the Mississippi Civil Rights veterans list, the Civil Rights Movement Veterans website, and the New York Times on-line.


I also went through the registration forms for the SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference for the answers to the question “Did you work for SNCC? If so where? And Who did you work with?”


Finally, I’ve called many former SNCC staff members to search their memories, and went through the staff roster with members of the SLP Board.


As we go forward

This list is still a work-in-progress. It is still growing and changing. Where I know that a person is deceased I have entered Dec in the fifth column. The Notes columns are links to information on the Internet about the person. Our goal is to, someday, have information on the SLP website including a short bio and a photo of every person who worked for SNCC.


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